About Us

The Pathfinder Leadership Team

Dedicated to Proving that Suicide is 100% Preventable

Our team has only been together a short time, but the work we do has existed for more than a decade. Originally coined as the HEROES Project, our multidisciplinary approach is grounded in researching whether the science behind the model is proven true for our audiences. Validation is the key to turning an expense into an investment and our team of entrepreneurs understands the importance of making investments in ourselves, our organizations, and our communities.


Our Story

We aren't particularly unique, but we are uniquely suited to this work for a variety of reasons. Robert came to us as a Marine and retired Sheriff's Deputy. After years of sitting through boring, ineffective training courses he recognized something invaluable about the HEROES Project. Rodger survived complex post-traumatic stress disorder and today is world-renowned for debunking invalid, yet well-intentioned, wellness resources. His work coaching elite performers has provided our society with some of the best and brightest professionals who inspire us all. Joe has served the young at heart for decades, bringing smiles and laughter to everyone lucky enough to know him. But his smile covers the challenging realities that visited him in his top-secret military service. Ty started as a call taker in a 911 center and advanced to being the most well respected leader in the 911 training community. His passion for wellness was also born of adversity...something he bravely shares in our Navigating Adversity training program. Chesney was literally born into this work, but today is one of the loudest advocates for the mental health needs of Content Creators and other young people. And Renee is here because, for as long as she can recall, crisis has been a part of her life. So has resilience. And had God not stepped in and directed her life, she wouldn't be here. The least we can do is honor His direction and use our own lessons in life to help others.

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Dr. Renee Thornton

Founder & CEO

U.S. Navy Veteran & Creator, the HEROES Project

Director of Training & Research


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Robert Mann


U.S. Marine & Retired Sheriff's Deputy

Director of Client Services


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Chesney Thornton


Content Creator, YouTube

Editing & Production Manager

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Ty Wooten

Director of Governmental Affairs, IAED

Source of the future award-winning novel, Ty Ruins Everything.

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Joe Courtemanche

Senior Mentor

Award-Winning Author


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Rodger Ruge

Senior Mentor

Woo-Woo Master & Elite Performance Coach

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