Private Classes

Let us inspire and teach your team

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Teams that learn together,

grow together.

Choose any topic from our class list to begin your team's resilience journey.

Private Classes

Using Stress to Your Advantage


All stress is not created equal, and neither are the tools required to respond to it.


Learn to recognize the type of stress creeping in and then use it to

enhance and improve performance outcomes.

All Hands In

Strategic Team Building


Understanding the natural temperaments of your people

helps stack the deck in your favor when choosing personnel for shifts, projects,

and future leadership opportunities.


Developing Supervisors into Leaders


Stepping into a supervisory role elevates former peers

into positions of authority. Prepare to build strong, engaged, and united teams that

outperform expectations.

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Upward Feedback


Create an environment where people seek difficult

feedback with a focus on self-development.


Forthright Conversations


Only when we learn how to set boundaries and

respond appropriately to our peers,

direct reports, and supervisors, have we created a

culture that embraces continuous improvement.

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Healthy Relationships at Work


Discern the causes of workplace conflict,

avoid disputes, repair relationships,

improve teamwork, & rebuild trust.

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Recruit for Team. Train for Family.


Young people seek something special.

Once on our team, we model an invaluable meaning of "family".


Personalizing Appreciation at Work


Each of us prefers to receive appreciation in a specific way.

Learn to speak the other four appreciation languages & engage everyone on your team.


Sleep Hygiene


The 5 W's and H of Quality Sleep.