Navigating Adversity™ is a unique, app-based training program that has been enthusiastically endorsed by leading First Response and Public Safety Organizations across the United States.

  • Thousands of First Responders have received training and have improved their health and wellbeing by learning to assess their own needs and gain the understanding and tools to create and sustain a healthy and fulfilling life. 

  • Navigating Adversity™ is delivered via the Pathfinder Resilience App

  • Individual training results are 100% confidential and not shared with anyone other than the trainee.

  • Each participant learns the eight researched and validated wellness dimensions that, when taken together, explain every aspect of human health and behavior.

Navigating Adversity™ is a true 360° Whole-Life Self-Care program, unique for its multidimensional, tool-forward approach to wellness.

“Navigating Adversity reaffirms what you are doing well and gives strategies on how to improve in other areas. There’s something in here for everyone.”

“Thank you for the opportunity to spend time with this material. As a combat veteran and law enforcement officer, it gave me insight and some great tools."

“Very well thought out course, it has an influence in my everyday life. I just wish a program like this was available when I started 25 years ago.”

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