Training curriculum that is evidence-based is created using peer reviewed, scholarly, and timely research.



Rather than pulling from a singular scientific discipline, our curriculum is built from medical, behavioral, psychological, theological, and business research.



All training programs are not created equally, courses built for corporate professionals may have similarities with courses built for public safety professionals, but the defining difference is how their performance is judged - which ties directly to the source of pressure, or critical stress.

Our courses are developed, instructed, and mentored by professional, culturally-competent peers. 



Once a training program is built, we conduct research to determine whether the learning outcomes are being met with at least 90% consistency. If this threshold is not met, we adjust the curriculum and retest it until the intended learning outcomes are validated consistently.



More than a million articles are published each year, each with new data that can potentially improve our curriculum. Our team includes journal editors who have the opportunity to review cutting-edge research and use it to update our offerings. This, in addition to our dedication to longitudinal validation, ensures that our resources are timely, relevant, and culturally-competent.