How does this process work?

Once the decision has been made to launch the culture-change project, we schedule a weeklong meeting with your command staff, union representatives, peer support team, HR and EAP representatives, and your workforce. Personalizing the resources that we bring to bear can only happen by hearing your team share their challenges, goals, and current resources with us. After listening and brainstorming with you, we build the 3-phase strategy that best meets the needs of your workforce. From there, we collaborate to gain approval for the training courses with your state's governing body, and then we create a training schedule and roster to begin working on professional development right away.

Where does this model originate from?

Culture change is a complicated process with a variety of evidence-based elements that must be included in order for it to take hold with permanence. Since 2002, our work has been in researching and creating solutions to problems of organizational culture: some in training, some coaching, and others policies to enhance the ultimate goal. Additionally, the research that drives what we do comes from multiple disciplines: business, psychology, economics, leadership, sports, public safety, and anthropology. This model pulls from each, which makes personalizing the process that much easier and powerful for the organizations willing to make such a tremendous commitment to wellness and resilience.

Are these training courses and coaching services delivered in person?

Much of our training has been developed specifically for a virtual delivery. This allows us to reach our trainees wherever they are most comfortable learning. However, some of our content is best delivered in person. We prefer to stack in-person training delivery so that everyone gets the biggest bang for their buck and we are using our resources as wisely as possible. For instance, the Wellness Ambassador training course shares some content with Leading High-Performance Teams, so we schedule the overlapping learning modules at the same time to best steward your workforce's availability.

How long does this process take?

The 3-phase project takes between 2-3 years to complete, start to finish. By the end of the culture change experience, the entire workforce has received training in self-care, followership, and upward feedback. Additionally, their loved ones can participate in the learning process by completing their own self-care training course. Your force multipliers and supervisors throughout the department complete additional professional development and we spend all three phases focused on branding the department's new culture to enhance recruitment and retention. It's an exhaustive and rewarding journey!

How do we get started?
Simply email our Director of Client Services, Robert Mann, at and we'll get a meeting on the books. It'll be the best decision you ever make for the future of your workforce, their families, your organization, and the community you all serve.
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