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Purpose Driven Goal Setting

Did you know that fewer than 5% of people who set New Years' Resolutions achieve them? Some people simply set goals because it's the popular thing to do. (If that's you, great! You're probably not going to want to attend this event.) Others genuinely want change, but find that the goals they set just don't…


The Most Pernicious Lie We’re Being Sold

Even worse than the Resilience Lie is the most Pernicious Lie we're being sold. At first, it seems to make sense. It feels good. It makes things easier. There's a whole field of research supporting it. And, there's something to be said for the comfort that comes from knowing that everyone else is buying it.…


Building Relationships at Work

Make Fridays your day for some fun, engaging lessons on ways you can influence positive changes in your workplace culture. For the month of February, the focus is on strengthening relationships. All relationships, whether at home or work, are subject to stresses that can quickly escalate into fractures. We lose time, trust in each other,…