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Understand Shifting Employee Expectations

Top Areas of Focus for Employees in *2023


  1. Instilling confidence you are running a successful ship
  2. Boundary-setting to end surge-level staffing
  3. Bad processes and inefficient systems are fueling the risk of employee burnout
  4. Being employed isn’t just about having a job — it’s a part of a person’s value system

*Pangallo, A. (2024). Qualtrics 2024 Employee Trends Report


In 2024, employees want completely different - yet complimentary - things.


2023 was all about empowerment. This year, it's all about balance. *37,000 surveyed employees said they want

  1. their jobs to make good use of their skills and abilities,
  2. to feel respected at work,
  3. to feel safe at work, and
  4. to work with integrity

*Pangallo, A. (2024). Qualtrics 2024 Employee Trends Report

Feedback from my Public Safety Community of Followers


At the end of 2023, I asked what people wanted to learn more about. These are the most popular requests. As you see, they fit perfectly within the top four above.

  1. Learning to Say No
  2. Influencing Culture Change
  3. Upward Feedback at Work
  4. Asserting Yourself with Class & Confidence
  5. Writing to be Published
  6. Building a Professional Brag Book
  7. Setting Boundaries at Work
  8. Challenging Favoritism & Bullying at Work
  9. Public & Professional Speaking
  10. Forthright Conversations
  11. Acceptance by your Male Subordinates
  12. Documenting Toxicity without Becoming a Target

Meeting Employee Needs in 2024

Resilient organizations are made up of resilient-minded leaders...whether they have supervisory authority or not. As my good friend and colleague, Robert Mann, says, "When it comes to the kind of culture you work in, there are no innocent bystanders." Pursuing the kind of work environment we want to serve in starts with us. In 2024, learn to be the kind of influencer who ignites healthy changes in your workforce culture by educating yourself in the tools with the most impact. For more information, click the event title below.

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