3 Ways to Correct Depression

Since 2020, antidepressant prescriptions have increased 64%. If that doesn’t shock you, then perhaps this will. In 2020, antidepressant profits to the pharmaceutical industry were more than $13.5 billion. That means, with the 64% increase, profits this year will land somewhere around $22 billion. I don’t know about you, but when numbers get that high, I need something to help me wrap my head around them. How about this?

If you stacked one million dollar bills on top of each other, they would tower about 50 feet above the Statue of Liberty. One billion dollars would extend 67 miles beyond the top of the Statue of Liberty, just surpassing the edge of the atmosphere. So, create 22 stacks and line them up in the New York Harbor, look up into the heavens, and you’ll finally begin to comprehend the importance of convincing humanity that it’s depressed.

If you’re like me, you’re not prone to buying whatever it is they’re selling. And I’m certainly tired of handing over what little money I have to make the rich richer. Not to mention, we have more power in our own behaviors than we can fathom! So, if you’re ready to take control of how you’re feeling and dampen the impacts of depression, do these three things.

  1. Grounding/Earthing: Walking around outside barefoot for 10-15 minutes a day stabilizes the body’s physiology by aligning our electromagnetic charges. If you remove your shoes and just enjoy the feel of your soles on the earth, your eyes will naturally seek out the sun. It’s the body’s instinctive way of refueling your stores of energy, too.
  2. The 9-second hug: Depression is most successfully counteracted by an influx of oxytocin. To trigger the hypothalamus to release oxytocin, you need to experience protective love. This can come from a friend or a significant other, and as long as you’re loved and you love in return, the warmth and comfort of a hug activates the brain’s pharmacy to flood your system with oxytocin after as little as nine seconds. Want to hug longer? Even better!
  3. Rebounding: This simple activity can not only activate a chemical correction where an imbalance exists, it can literally turn your frown upside down! Have you ever jumped on a trampoline and not laughed? Me neither. The rebounder is simply a mini-trampoline that fits nearly everywhere. I have mine in my office and once every hour, I jump for one minute. The mere fact that I have to hold my ta-tas down while jumping makes me laugh out loud.

Start with you. Use this information to help yourself first. Then, if you’re a supervisor, share this to help others help themselves.

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