3 Ways to Eliminate Headaches

Headaches are the number one physical ailment reported to physicians. Over the counter medications are not only habit forming, they’re dangerous to the liver. Plus, they only treat the symptoms. Our focus is curing the cause of the problem…a cornerstone requirement of intentional resilience.

What Causes Headaches?

Have you ever boiled a fresh egg and then tried to peel it? The layer between the egg and the shell, we’ll call it the shell’s film, is so tight and dry that you end up peeling away the egg. Many a woman making deviled eggs for Easter dinner has had to face facts. Pick the prettiest eggs and either snack on or toss the ones that look as cratered as the planet Mercury.

The brain actually has a film that fits snugly around it, too. As it constricts, we get headaches. As it relaxes, we go about our business without a care in the world.

What causes it to constrict? Dehydration.

Did you know that 98% of the world’s population is chronically dehydrated? And not because they’re not drinking enough water, either. It’s because they lack the right minerals to absorb the water into the tissues, muscles, and organs that so desperately need it.

Tool #1: Celtic Sea Salt

The mineral I speak of is called Celtic Sea Salt. Not iodized (which isn’t a mineral at all), not basic sea salt, and not even pink Himalayan sea salt will do. Why? Because they’re stripped of essential minerals during the harvesting process. Only Celtic Sea Salt is protected as it’s harvested, which makes it the only type of sea salt teeming with 82 essential minerals that the vast majority of the population lacks.

I have two kinds in my kitchen. One has a fine texture, which is what I use in cooking. The other has a coarse texture. This one is what I use daily to ensure proper hydration. I put 7-8 crystals under my tongue in the morning, and once it’s dissolved, I drink a glass of water. Throughout the day, I’ll drink about four more glasses of water to ensure proper hydration, but I’ll only take additional sea salt crystals if I feel a headache coming on. Since day two of making this part of my daily routine, I haven’t had a headache.

Celtic Sea Salt

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Tool #2: Almonds

If you’re out and about and feel a headache coming on, munch on a handful of almonds. The immediate influx of magnesium eases oncoming headaches. Bananas also help, but I’m more likely to have a small container of almonds than a fresh banana in the car with me.

Tool #3: A Bucket of Hot Water

Blood tends to gather and get congested in our heads, which leads to a headache the way lack of sodium does. This happens frequently when people are trying to eliminate caffeine from their diets. The easiest way to eliminate the headache is to put your feet in a bucket of hot water for about half-an-hour. It’s helpful to have a kettle of hot water handy so that you can keep the water in the bucket nice and hot. This breaks up the congestion in the head and allows the blood to flow freely away from the brain, alleviating the migraine pain.

“Our focus is curing the cause of the problem…a cornerstone requirement of intentional resilience.”

Your body is a miraculously regenerative creation. If you learn to pay attention to it, understand what it’s trying to tell you, and act on it as soon as possible, you’ll find that the power to be healthy is in your hands. The question is, are you the kind of person who wants a quick fix or are you choosing to lead yourself and others intentionally toward a life of resilience? The journey isn’t always easy, but little in life is more rewarding than choosing to be well.